Sunday, June 14, 2015

Popping Off

First, two related news items, via Raw Story:
  • Four wedding guests at New York's Waldorf Astoria were injured when a gun carried by another guest accidentally discharged, spraying shards from the floor.  A gun at a wedding?  Maybe the families don't get along.
  • Colorado resident Adam Hirtle is a curious man (in more ways than one).  He was curious about what it felt like to shoot oneself in the foot…so he did.  The NRA needs to create a special award for him.
Finally, yesterday's shooting at Dallas Police Headquarters by a deranged man driving an armored van ended in his death.  The man had a history of delusion and criminal charges, including assaults on family members.  His access to weapons begs the question of why we allow the deranged and the felons that access.

UPDATE:  Then there's this murderous open-carry dimwit whose only mark in life will be that he took another's in cold blood.

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