Thursday, July 30, 2015

Deadly Dentist Cartoon of the Day

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The story of the Minnesota dentist bow hunter who killed the iconic lion Cecil in Zimbabwe a few weeks ago has gone viral, and caused the brave white hunter to go into hiding after his social media and dentistry practice were deluged with angry messages.  Protesters surrounded his dental office, which had to be closed, as his patients vowed to find another dentist.

The lion was lured from the sanctuary, where he was shot by Walter Palmer, but took an agonizing 40 hours to die.  He was then skinned and beheaded by Palmer and his guides.  This isn't the first illegal kill that Palmer's been involved in, either.  Not surprisingly, Dr. Micro Penis has had a sexual harassment case filed against him, which he settled out of court for a six figure sum.  Oh, and to complete his portrait, he donated $5,000 to Willard "Mittens" Romney in 2012.

Now he's being hunted -- by Zimbabwean and U.S. officials.

(cartoon:  Mike Luckovich, Atlanta Journal-Constitution, via

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