Monday, August 17, 2015

Giving Up The Game Quote of the Day

"The difference between Trump and his cohort is that he shouts his party’s ugliest views at the top of his lungs and without apology rather than sugarcoating them in Frank Luntz–tested euphemisms and code words. What the GOP Establishment wants is Trumpism — and Trump supporters — without the embarrassing spectacle of Trump himself. Now he has called their bluff and is holding the entire Republican Party hostage. The Establishment would like to blow him up so that he’ll stop giving up the game by calling attention to the extremist views and constituents in the GOP base, but every attempt to sideline him has backfired."--  (emphasis added) Frank Rich, writing in New York Magazine.

The only quibble with Rich's comment is that the infection has spread beyond "the GOP base" and afflicts the entire, dysfunctional party from top to bottom.

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