Thursday, October 22, 2015

Benghazi! Kangaroo Court Wrap Up

We didn't by any means watch the whole (still) unfolding House Benghazi! Kangaroo Court inquisition of Hillary Clinton today.  We saw enough pretty early on.  Beyond the obvious fact that Clinton and the Democratic representatives on the Kangaroo Court handed Rep. Trey "Deuce" Gowdy and his band of nihilist nitwits their asses, we couldn't improve on Charles Pierce's observations:
I would like to congratulate the United States House of Representatives for the very fine show they put on today on the stage provided by the Special Committee To Keep Benghazi In The News Until The Polls Drop. There has been no better example of non-governance displayed on TV since the last time Marco Rubio gave a speech. There has been no better view granted of the sheer stupidity and incompetence that has run riot in those halls because of the last two midterm elections since the last time Steve King parted his brain on the left side. There has been no more sterling example of the now-undeniable truth that modern movement conservatism has declined into a tangled mess of myth, shibboleth, and outright fabulism since the last time Ed Klein wrote a book.  A whole philosophy of government, and still an influential one, stands exposed as little more than a puppet show for the national Id, and not a particularly sharp one, either. A movement full of grifters and ignorami, acting out a simulacrum of representative government for the benefit of an audience steeped in comfortable, narcotic delusion.  [snip]
This whole thing started because of a ginned-up controversy about what Susan Rice had said about the attacks on​ Meet The Press in the immediate aftermath of the attacks. (Congressman Jim Jordan of Ohio is still howling about this.) Responding to a question from Cummings, HRC actually got to explain that the video at least was partly responsible for the rage that broke out from Indonesia to Tunisia. That, alas, was beside the point. So also was Congressman Adam Schiff's boot in the ass in which he pretty much demonstrated that Blumenthal's appearance before this committee—the transcript of which Gowdy refuses to release—​was a fishing expedition after material about the Clintons that could be used for future ratfcking purposes.And not even Hillary Rodham Clinton's ability to stand up against the gales of innuendo and fakery will make it less so.​
This was a performance piece for the people residing within the conservative media bubble—​who already are hip to the lies of the lamestream media, and who already are too smart to be fooled by the Hildebeast and her alleged facts because Mark Levin has told them that they are too smart to be so fooled, and who watch their favorite TV news stars every night, where there is always Another Question, or Another E-Mail, or, for all I know, Another Witness who saw the ghost of Vince Foster wandering through the Mena Airport with Kathleen Willey's cat in his mouth. The people out in the world are one problem, but now they're pretty plainly electing each other to the national legislature. That makes it our problem.
The defense rests.

BONUS:  Wingnuts are displeased that the inquisition made their Congresscritters look like jackasses and bullies (which, of course, they are).  Also, HRC ate their lunch.

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