Friday, October 23, 2015

Pig Sty Cartoon of the Day

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The consensus across political lines was that Hillary Clinton benefitted from the marathon partisan spectacle yesterday, which dragged on from morning to evening and which elicited no new information or finding. She looked calm and knowledgeable in the face of nasty insinuations and false charges leveled by the Rethugs. Her impressive performance yesterday capped a good week for her, with Vice President Biden deciding not to enter the race for President and her post-debate poll numbers rising.

The Rethugs on the committee, led by a red-faced, perspiring and angry Trey "Deuce" Gowdy, came across as "vituperative" and "spiteful".  After the inquisition, Deuce himself admitted -- surprise! --  it produced no new information that hadn't already been disclosed in one of the previous eight inquiries on the Benghazi attack. Right wingers are grieving, aware that this exercise in partisan opposition research had not only failed miserably, but had strengthened the hand of their hated enemy Hillary Clinton.

BONUS:  Let's not forget the role of the "mainstream media" in keeping the Republican narrative alive.  They share in the utter shame and travesty of this taxpayer- funded partisan opposition research.

(cartoon: Jeff Danziger, via

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