Friday, April 22, 2016

(Another) Quote of the Day, Harriet Tubman Edition

From the late great Washington Post's Bezos Bugle's Eugene Robinson, on right-wing outrage that a black woman will replace Andrew Jackson, slaveowner and oppressor of Native Americans (see, "Trail of Tears"), on the $20 bill:
Conservatives should be delighted that Harriet Tubman’s likeness will grace the $20 bill. She was a Republican, after all, and a pious Christian. And she routinely exercised her Second Amendment right to carry a gun, which she was ready to use against anyone who stood in her way — or any fugitive slave having second thoughts....Critics who polluted social media with invective after (Treasury Secretary) Lew’s announcement seemed to look past Tubman’s deeds and focus on her identity. Yes, she was a black woman. If anyone can’t deal with that fact, and doesn’t want to use the new bills when they finally come out, feel free to send them to me." (emphasis added)
She was African American and a woman:  two strikes against her in the eyes of bigots "conservatives." Oh, sorry. She fought for her freedom and that of others by rejecting slavery.  Three strikes.

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