Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Wanker Of The Week - David Ignatius

The once great Washington Post Bezos Bugle's David "Iggy" Ignatius, who has a suggestion (and names!) for saving the Republican/ New Confederate/ Stupid/ Shooter's Party from the likes of Donald "Rump" Trump and Sen. "Tailgunner Ted" Cruz:
Enter the candidates on horseback: While military leaders can sometimes be dangerous in politics, our best generals and admirals embody the democratic values and leadership skills for which the country is yearning. [snip]
The GOP should consider some other names, if it’s looking for a former military leader who could unite a divided party and nation. [snip]
Maybe it is time for Republicans to consider a nominee who might actually be able to lead the country out of the wilderness.
Middle- aged white Generals and Admirals with shiny buttons and medals on a white horse!  To "unite a ... nation"!  And "lead the country out of the wilderness"!  That's surely the ticket to bring an increasingly young, multicultural America together!  By force if necessary!  Because leadership!  Plus, a President with a rising approval rating, 73 straight months of job growth, millions with health insurance for the first time, etc., etc., doesn't strike us as being in "the wilderness."  This guy sounds like a member of  Ron Fournier's Daddy Issues therapy group.

As a measure of how unhinged Iggy is, one of his preferred Republican candidates to Lead Us! is (wait for it) ... disgraced former Gen. David Petraeus! 


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