Friday, June 24, 2016

Tex-ass Secessionists "Inspired" By Brexit

We had to laugh when we read about the secessionist clowns in Texas that are wanking dreaming about replicating the UK's unfortunate vote to leave the European Union here in the U.S., if Der Trumpenfuhrer loses in November. Of course, they miss the fact that the UK's a nation pulling out of an international organization, not a British county pulling out of the UK. Also, what do you do with all of those Federal facilities, e.g. military bases, space flight facilities, national parks, buildings, etc.? We non-Texans want to be compensated for their loss...heavily. And not with Confederate money, please. Oh, and that's not counting all those toxic Superfund sites that we'll gladly leave in your grubby hands.

No doubt if they stage a takeover of a Post Office, they'll be joined by other misfits and loons on the far right √† la the Malheur preserve in Oregon last winter. So, to the Alamo, lads! Make sure you stock up on Ding Dongs, beef jerky and French Vanilla creamer while you await the invading forces of Mess'co Yankee oppression. But first, you might want to sit your treasonous asses down and recall how the last seccession attempt for your State worked out.

(image: Oh, and don't forget to stock up on porn vids for the long siege, boys!)


Oldsalt1942 said...

Governor Abbott told the secessionist to: "slow down, folks. We need to wait for the FEMA checks we got for the recent flooding to clear the banks before we proceed."

Hackwhackers said...

That would be par for the course. For every $1 Texans pay in Federal taxes, they get about $1.50 back in the form of Federal expenditures. That puts them in the "taker" category. Thanks for the comment, Richard.