Thursday, August 25, 2016

Ann Coulter: "'In Trump We Trust'... Wait What?"

As we note below, neo- fascist existential danger Donald "Rump" Trump is in the process of another unsuccessful, cosmetic "pivot," attempting to convince the "mainstream media," squishy Republicans and right- leaners that it's safe to vote for him ("Despite everything you've seen with your lying eyes, I'm not a bigot, believe me!").  They say timing is everything and, sadly, one of his truest believers, raging racist loon (M)Ann Coulter (she of the inexplicable Adam's apple), got clocked in the process. That's because last night Coulter was launching her new crackpot  book screed entitled "In Trump We Trust" (replacing "God" with "Trump" you've noticed) just as Rump decided to start tinkering with the one life- or- death issue nearest to Coulter's heart (?):  kicking those brown- skinned people out of her U. S. of A.!  Fast track to the remainder bin!

Huff Po has collected some of the schadenfreude- oozing Tweets:


BONUS:  Steve M. at No More Mister Nice Blog says she'll stick with Rump -- she still has a book to sell, dammit!

(Photo:  "My Trump, why hath thou forsaken me?")

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