Sunday, August 21, 2016

Great Moments In Republican Photo Ops (Message: We Care!)

Look, it's neo- fascist narcissist shitgibbon Donald "Rump" Trump doing his best to appear "presidential!" and ... caring.  This time, it's in flood- ravaged Louisiana, where (against the wishes of the state's Governor) he and running mate Mike "Dense" Pence dropped by to wave, give some tiny thumbs up, sign some Rump swag (!) and have their pictures taken unloading food water medical supplies Play Doh for all of 49 seconds, in their latest acts of selfless sacrifice. ("Mmmm, Play Doh... that'll stick to your ribs, kids!")

Reminds us of another act of selfless sacrifice by a Republican who just happened to be washing dishes that had already been washed, just in time for the cameras:

(Photo: Mary Altaffer, AP)
Saints, they are.

If you really want to help (photo op not included), go here (and thank you).

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