Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Trump Rearranges Turds On His Sinking Garbage Scow (UPDATED)

The garbage scow S.S. Trump (otherwise known as his "campaign") is sinking fast:
Donald Trump restructured his campaign leadership Tuesday in a desperate attempt to turn around his flagging presidential bid. 
The GOP nominee hired Steve Bannon, executive chairman of the conservative website Breitbart News, to be his campaign CEO and named Kellyanne Conway, a Republican pollster and Trump team adviser, as his new campaign manager.
That seemingly leaves Trump's fellow Putin poodle and fixer Paul Manafort odd man (and we do mean odd) out.  Sad!

And why Bannon and Conway?  This sounds about right:
Trump’s stunning decision effectively ended the months-long push by campaign chairman Paul Manafort to moderate Trump’s presentation and pitch for the general election. And it sent a signal, perhaps more clearly than ever, that the real-estate magnate intends to finish this race on his own terms, with friends who share his instincts at his side.  (our emphasis)
When you have an uncontrollable, narcissistic egomaniac at the top, his "instincts" are always going to prevail, and he's going to impose them on his organization because he thinks he's the only smart one in the room.  What he's doing here is what he would do should he ever get into the Oval Office. That should be yet another flag for his enablers in Congress who think he'll be at their disposal.

UPDATE:  The American people are noticing (poll taken before today's rearranging of the turds):

UPDATE II:  This would be Steve "Breitbart, Not Smart" Bannon:

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