Monday, November 21, 2016

Backscratching, Rump and the Media Edition (UPDATED)

If you thought our broken corporate media shamed itself in the last election in its both siderism and failure to investigate neo-fascist demagogue Donald "Rump" Trump's numerous frauds and dangerous foreign entanglements, it shouldn't surprise you that the shitgibbon met with a gaggle of network news executives and anchors today - and it was all "off the record" (OTR):
"There is much for the group to talk about. Trump has long-standing relationships with many in the TV news business -- but he also waged an anti-media crusade during his campaign for president. There are many looming questions about whether Trump will provide the same levels of press access that past presidents have permitted, like a traveling 'press pool' and regular news conferences."
Translation: Rump will give access to the celebrity-obsessed "news" organizations only if those organizations "treat him fairly," i.e., only flattering puff pieces, no more stories about the nature of his connection to Russia and Putin, no more stories about his corrupt dealings during the transition, etc. The better coverage, the better the access, right? Many of these money-grubbing executives will take the bait, especially during the "honeymoon" period of the new administration and since they've already largely ignored his ongoing shocking corruption, as we note in the post below. By organizing this meeting, Rump's media "fixer," piranha / human hybrid Kellyanne Conway, thinks that she and Rump can cajole or scare enough of them to go along with her media strategy and continue to normalize Rump. Sadly for our democracy, she's on to something.

UPDATE:  According to some perhaps some self- serving =cough= Trump =cough= leaking, the meeting may not have gone well.  In addition, a meeting the shitgibbon was to have with the New York Effing Times today, well:
President-elect Donald Trump canceled a meeting with The New York Times Tuesday because it changed the terms “at the last minute,” a claim the paper disputes.  
Trump was scheduled to meet off-the-record with Times publisher Arthur Sulzberger Jr. and a few other key representatives of the paper before participating in an on-the-record session with the reporters and editorial columnists, a Times spokeswoman told The Huffington Post on Monday. 
This is the giant toddler who will soon be in charge of the nuclear codes, Armed Forces, and intelligence services.

UPDATE II:  Shame on the servile, Groundhog Day media --

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