Thursday, November 17, 2016

In Like Flynn?

Reports are circulating that white supremacist demagogue Donald "Rump" Trump may announce the selection of raging Islamaphobe and doppelg√§nger of Dr. Strangelove's Gen. Jack D. Ripper, Putin-friendly Lt. Gen. (ret.) Michael Flynn as his National Security Advisor, a position not subject to a Senate vote.  Flynn, who has an affinity for Russia's foreign policy and has appeared as an "analyst" on Russia's state controlled Russia Today network, was forced into retirement as head of the Defense Intelligence Agency for "management problems" attributed to his arrogant, unreasonable personality. Last July, following the alt-Right's anti-Semitic playbook, Flynn retweeted an anti-Semitic smear that denied Russia's hacking DNC e-mail, something he later apologized for.

Rump is stocking his immediate staff with radical true believers and leaders of the alt-Right, who won't have to answer questions in a confirmation hearing and who are answerable only to the orange-faced shitgibbon. Given their access to the nation's most sensitive secrets and their fondness for one of America's strongest adversaries, this has all the ingredients for a major security crisis with some Russian intrigue thrown in.

(photo: The white nationalists' favorite General)

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