Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Welcome to the White House Shopping Network

There's outrage over neo-fascist demagogue Donald "Rump" Trump's daughter (and focus of his lust) Ivanka's use of an appearance on "60 Minutes" to hawk a $10,800 bracelet from her collection. The conflation of her business with Rump's interview is a disturbing reminder that neither she nor Rump have sorted out their business vs. their government roles. That's not even touching on the serious conflict of interest that persists between Rump's future public role and his private business enterprise, which he deludes himself into thinking could be turned over to his adult children in a "blind trust," which is a ridiculous misunderstanding of the legal term. And if the public was led to believe that the Clinton Foundation represented a "pay-to-play" scheme, they should imagine an army of hustlers wanting to "do business" with the Trump organization -- joint ventures, capital loans, etc. -- mainly to gain leverage over the incoming Administration's policies.

The Rump daughter's misstep also shows how truly out of touch the family is, regardless of the normalizing bullsh*t being cranked up by a lazy corporate media claiming that Rump connected with working class whites over their "economic anxiety."  No doubt, many of his supporters imagine Rump's wealth will rub off on them if they support his policies. But Ivanka's unintended message to them was summed up in Seth Meyer's "A Closer Look" segment last night, along with Rump's fumbling transition effort:
"Did you hear that, disenfranchised white working class voters? For only $11,000 you can make your wrist great again!" 

BONUS:  Then there's this (not from our San Francisco Bureau Chief of the same name):

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