Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Let Them Hear You!

Here's a valuable, ongoing resource (h/t Balloon Juice): Townhall Project 2018 is providing a list of upcoming town hall meetings being held by members of the House and Senate. Please get out if you can (and bring your friends) and let your representative (Democrat or Republican) know face- to- face where you stand on the issues. Marches and demonstrations will continue and are excellent means of achieving media coverage and letting elected officials know that this is a powerful movement that's not going away. As we saw to our detriment in the Obamacare rollout in 2009, town hall meetings are also a very effective way of influencing your Congresscritter.  We just need to show up in force.

Always remember:  a majority (54%) did not vote for Trump, he's historically unpopular after just under 2 weeks in office, and we progressives have the moral high ground and momentum.  Have your facts in hand, go and participate!

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