Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Putin's Man In Washington (UPDATED)

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Nick Anderson, Houston Chronicle

Last Sunday's anti-American statement by unstable demagogue and Putin's man Donald "Rump" Trump defending Vladimir "Vlad the Invader" Putin's assassination of journalists and political opponents (saying it was comparable to what America does) shocked observers and generated outrage across the political spectrum. Once again, it reinforced the suspicion that Rump's being controlled by Russia in some fashion, whether it's a personal / sexual kompromat ("tinkle tinkle little czar") by Russian intelligence services, Russian banks propping up Rump's businesses, or both and more. It's clear that his longstanding refusal to utter one word against Russia or its autocratic (and murderous) leader signals that there's something not normal here, as with his refusal to release his tax returns that might provide evidence of ties to Russia. The FBI is purportedly looking into links between Russian officials and Rump's campaign, but that's utterly inadequate and, given the FBI's partisanship, lacking credibility. We're talking about Rump himself, not the known connections of Russia with former campaign manager Paul Manafort or senior advisor Carter Page or Secretary of State and Putin pal Rex Tillerson and the rest.  This situation represents an increasingly grave threat to our national security, wherein a President of the U.S. shows blind fealty to a foreign adversary and conceals the reasons for it.

UPDATE: Pathological liar Rump has claimed that he doesn't know Putin and has no relationship with him. Who are you going to believe, Rump or Rump?


Professor Chaos said...

To be fair, previous presidents (and pretty much all current Republicans)have taken the same approach to Israel for years.

Hackwhackers said...

Point taken, Professor. We remember how the Rethugs worked with Netanyahu to try to sabotage U.S. efforts on the Iran deal, as one recent example.