Saturday, February 4, 2017

The Extremist Right's "Emancipator"

The unmistakeable signs of neo-fascist demagogue Donald "Rump" Trump's unholy alliance with the white supremacist / white nationalist movement are everywhere, from his appointment of "alt-Right" propagandist and derelict impersonator Steve "Loose Cannon" Bannon as White (supremacist) House chief "strategist," to the Muslim travel ban, to his continued support from the likes of former KKK leader David Duke and neo-Nazi Richard "Hate Dis-" Spencer.

Another sign may come in a directive from Rump that would exclude white supremacist / neo-Nazi groups from a Federal study of how to neutralize extremist radicalization of the kind that nurtured Charleston's racist mass killer Dylann Roof, the Oklahoma City bombers, and mosque arsonists and perpetrators of violence against American Muslims. In Trumpian fashion, the study would be limited to "radical Islamic" extremism, as he continues to stigmatize American Muslims and to provide a recruiting tool for ISIS and al Qaeda abroad. If there are any doubts that this is being received with rapture by the nutjobs in the white supremacist fever swamps, these quotes should remove those doubts:
"Donald Trump wants to remove us from undue federal scrutiny by removing ‘white supremacists’ from the definition of ‘extremism,’” the founder and editor of the neo-Nazi website The Daily Stormer (which takes its name from a Nazi propaganda publication) wrote in a post on the site. “Yes, this is real life. Our memes are all real life. Donald Trump is setting us free.” (emphasis added)
“We may truly have underestimated President Trump’s covert support of our Cause (at least in some form), but after this proposal, I am fully ready to offer myself in service of this glorious regime.” -- a post in the Infostormer, a neo-Nazi blog.
Pledging themselves in the service of their straw-haired shitgibbon harkens to the idolatry of fanatic Nazi supporters of Adolf Hitler in the '30s and '40s. Rump is intentionally feeding these emboldened, unhinged cretins with his statements and actions, and will reap the whirlwind of their violence when it comes....and it will come.

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