Monday, February 6, 2017

Tweets Of The Day: Trump's "I Call My Own Shots" Meme

Apparently after watching Morning Jo(k)e, where host Squint said white supremacist Steve "Loose Cannon" Bannon "may be calling all of the shots" in the White House, neo- fascist dimbulb Donald "Rump" Trump felt compelled to drop whatever he was doing (nothing) and head for his Twitter machine:

Of course, this has spawned a hilarious meme on Twitter.  Here are some of them (h/t The Daily Dot and The Hill):


Feline Mama said...

"accumulation of data"? "Marginalize"? Donny, who wrote these words for you?? Come now, we know your 2nd grade vocabulary lernin' couldn't come up with this! Some of us are suspectin' you have some sort of lernin' disability or dyslexia. Seems you don't read stuff you sign?? You appointed bannon & got mad at HIM for signing off on it. I know, "Fake News".
Thanks, guys, for these! Funneee!

W. Hackwhacker said...

Maybe he has a Special Assistant for Twitter Posting to help him with the polysyllabic words, FM. "Hey, what's good words for getting a yuuuge bunch of stuff?" "Accumulation of data?" "Good. Now spell it for me!"

Feline Mama said...

BINGO!! Our taxpayers $$ hard at work!
Someone needs to slip him some "Pig Latin" Wouldn't that be a HOOT!!