Friday, February 10, 2017

Two Polls Have Bad News For Trump

A Gallup poll released earlier today indicates that only 29% of Americans say world leaders respect incompetent buffoon Donald "Rump" Trump, compared to 67% for President Obama at a comparable point in his term. In terms of how Americans think we're viewed by the world, 57% think that we're viewed unfavorably, the worst percentage in 10 years, when George "Dumbya" Bush was in office. As expected, responses largely break along party lines.

Another poll released today by Public Policy Polling shows that the public is evenly divided over whether to impeach Rump, 46% in favor and 46% opposed. His current approval / disapproval numbers are 43% to 53% respectively, and Americans say they'd rather have President Obama back as President over Rump by a margin of 52% to 44%, and Secretary Clinton by 49% to 45%. The public cites Rump's overreaching on the unconstitutional executive order on the Muslim ban, his petty fight with the Federal judiciary, and the people he's surrounding himself with as some of the main reasons for disapproving his performance. An interesting and telling finding was that 51% of Rump voters think that Rump advisor Kellyanne "Orwellyanne" Conway's totally fictional "Bowling Green Massacre" is a justification for Rump's immigration policy, demonstrating that you can fool some of the people all of the time.


Feline Mama said...

In all my years living(yes, quite some) I have NEVER been asked a 'poll'? How does this work? Who/how are people being polled?? I want to be polled, dammint!!

Hackwhackers said...

The Gallup poll was conducted by phone, with over 1,300 people randomly selected in all 50 states. The PPP poll was a smaller sample -- over 700 -- conducted mostly by phone, but 20% by opt-in internet. Don't know much more than than, F.M.