Monday, March 13, 2017

Microwave Madness: Beware Of Your Kitchen Appliances

Someone let White (Supremacist) House alternative facts-spinner Kellyanne "Orwellyanne" Conway out without a minder. In an interview with published last night, the connoisseur of crazy suggested that the Government (i.e., President Obama) can surveil people through their TV sets (that will trap her TV-obsessed boss for certain), saying that spying could be done with microwaves that "turn into cameras." This is a White House aide talking, mind you, not someone living under a bridge who thinks she's Amelia Earhart. Of course, Orwellyanne offered no evidence of that outlandish claim, which doubled down on paranoid narcissist Donald "Rump" Trump's absolutely evidence-free claim on March 4 that Obama had wiretapped him during the campaign.

Coincidentally, the letter sent by the House Intelligence Committee asking the Justice Department for any evidence relating to Rump's ridiculous claim established today as the deadline for response. Whether the Justice Department of self-recused Attorney General of the Confederate States of America and evil elf Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III will comply with the letter is another matter (odds are they'll say they need more time). In the meantime, Rump will probably heed Orwellyanne's alternative facts and wear his tinfoil hat to neutralize those Obama spies in the appliances.


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