Monday, March 13, 2017

The Lizard Slithers Off To CNN

From the world of horserace "journalism":
The Washington Post's Chris [The Lizard] Cillizza is joining CNN Politics as a reporter and editor at large, with a digital presence and an on-air role. 
Cillizza is leaving behind the blog known as The Fix he built at the Post over more than a decade. The Fix has since expanded and now includes a team of bloggers and editors. Cillizza will also be ending his role as a contributor at MSNBC when he joins CNN.
The Lizard covered himself in journalistic glory during the past election when his obsession with Hillary Clinton's email nothingburger and his promotion of the Clinton Rules became the shit stuff of legend. Now The Lizard will be joining the likes of adulterer (allegedly!) and former communications advisor to neo- fascist Donald "Rump" Trump  Jason "Serial Killer" Miller, and Rump pal (and distaff version of Inspector Gadget "Orwellyann" Conway) Jeffrey "Oh My" Lord in CNN's increasingly bizarre stable of the unstable.

As The Lizard would say, "Congrats, or something" CNN.

(Photo: Yeah, we're real excited, too.)

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