Monday, March 20, 2017

Watching The "Party First" Rethuglicans

In today's House Intelligence Committee hearing, the common thread of the Rethuglican questioning of FBI Director and Clinton ratf*cker James Comey has been that the leaking of damaging evidence that demagogue and Putin puppet Donald "Rump" Trump and his campaign staff colluded with Russia is far worse than what the leaks revealed. Party over country, patriotic Rethugs! Among the most egregious of the Rethuglicans following that approach at the hearing is none other than Benghazi Benghazi BENGHAZI!! inquisitor and poster boy for the rotten fruit of the Republican "Southern Strategy", Rep. Trey "The Deuce" Gowdy (R-Home of Secession).

Repeatedly peppering Comey with questions about the law governing the disclosure of classified information down to the nth degree, Gowdy was doing Rump's bidding in trying to shift the focus from likely felonious and potentially treasonous activity by the Rump campaign (and Rump personally) vis-a-vis the Russian Federation to the individuals who are risking their careers and prison to expose the collusion. Beyond Gowdy's obvious attempts to divert the questioning, there's his rank hypocrisy:

And, with a little snark:
Once again, this hearing is demonstrating that when it comes to their party, Rethuglicans will do anything to save their party's leader from his own behavior:

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