Thursday, April 20, 2017

Lisa Bloom, Dragon Slayer

With the quick demise of Fux Network's disgraceful chief sexual harasser and racist blowhard Bill "O'Lielly" O'Reilly, praise is due to the unrelenting commitment of Los Angeles super lawyer Lisa Bloom for taking on the right-wing's most prominent media outlet and their top "star" and toppling him. Bloom was the central figure in pressing the case against O'Lielly, keeping it in the public forum and standing by her client Wendy Walsh who was perhaps O'Lielly's most effective accuser. She also represents O'Lielly's latest accuser, an African-American woman who claims that he made sexist and racist comments ("hot chocolate") and suggestive noises to her while she worked at Fux. Bloom, a graduate of UCLA and Yale Law School, is also the daughter of women's rights attorney Gloria Allred, who herself is pursuing a defamation suit against sociopath and sexual predator Donald "Rump" Trump on behalf of a former contestant on Rump's reality show, Summer Zervos.

In commenting on her takedown of O'Lielly, Bloom had this to say in a statement to Variety:
This is what happens when women speak our truth: we can slay dragons. I am very proud to have stood with my brave clients who stood up for themselves and all the silenced women. Fox News should have fired him in 2004 when Andrea Mackris spoke out, but at least they did it now. They did it because we persisted.” (emphasis added)
There are more "dragons" to slay, and we're certain that the courageous Lisa Bloom will be fighting the good fight against them and winning.

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