Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Dress-Up Sheriff Gets DHS Position (UPDATED)

Far-right lunatic Milwaukee Co. Sheriff David "Uncle Ruckus" Clarke has been offered the position of Assistant Secretary in the Department of Homeland Security overseeing liaisons with State and local law enforcement. Sadly, the position does not require Senate confirmation, where it would be pointed out that Uncle Ruckus is one deranged customer. His Milwaukee County jail resembles a third-world hellhole where 4 prisoners died in custody last year, one of dehydration. He likes to dress up in cowboy attire and ride around Milwaukee County on horseback to project a "tough guy" image. His abysmal poll numbers earlier this year suggest that he was heading for the unemployment line after the 2018 elections.

Milwaukee's gain is DHS' loss. Uncle Ruckus will fit right in with the unhinged crowd making up the Trump administration.

UPDATE: Is Uncle Ruckus a fascist? Jon Chait makes the case.

UPDATE II: DHS isn't saying whether he's been appointed or not.

(photo: Horse's ass on horse's ass)

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