Wednesday, May 17, 2017

He Has Met The Problem, And It's Never Him

With the White (Supremacist) House in a state of chaos after days of self-inflicted wounds by sociopathic con artist Donald "Rump" Trump, Rump has decided, after conversations with himself, that his staff is to blame for not locking him in a closet and taking away his smart phone. Rumors persist that a shakeup of the staff is imminent, with Sean "Spicy" Spicer and Reince "Prepuce" Priebus being most likely to be axed. After the New York Times' report of the Comey memo hit, the scene inside the White (Supremacist) House was grim, per Politico:
"Top White House officials learned of the looming New York Times story about a memo Comey wrote memorializing Trump’s request two hours before it went online. Aides rushed to ask Trump what he had actually told Comey. But the White House had no memos or tapes of the meeting to rebut the claims, several officials said. Trump didn’t even give an entire readout of his conversation, leaving staffers 'actually unaware of what happened,' one official said.

'It’s not like we were in on the meeting,' this person said. 'We had no idea. We still don’t really know what was said.'

Another official laughed when asked if Trump had really 'taped' the meeting, as he’s suggested on Twitter: 'If so, none of us have heard the tape.'

Trump was furious about the story, one of the officials said, but retreated to the White House residence within 75 minutes of it going online – leaving aides to 'figure out how bad the fallout was.'”
(emphasis added)
It must be punishing to work for a immature, narcissistic, dishonest ignoramus such as Rump, whose lack of self-awareness leads him to conclude the he's not the problem, everyone else is.

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