Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Quote Of The Day

"The modern Republican party controls all three branches of government, and it is demonstrating quite clearly that it is not up to even the most essential task of protecting the institutions it controls from the ravings of a wild man. Those are institutions that belong to all of us. The Republicans have the burden of maintaining the constitutional order on behalf of the entire country. This, as Hyman Roth put it, is the business they have chosen. John Sirica knew that. Eliot Richardson and Bill Ruckelshaus knew that. Howard Baker, and John Doar, and Tom Railsback, and Barry Goldwater knew that. Their obligations stretch far beyond passing tax cuts and gutting Medicaid." -- Charles P. Pierce, referring to Republicans who did their duty during the Watergate scandal, in sharp contrast to the current crop of weasels and spineless scoundrels.

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