Wednesday, May 31, 2017

The Twitter Twit: Go Covfefe Yourself

Has obsessive, sociopathic con man Donald "Rump" Trump finally gone completely around the bend? Rump's unfinished tweet ending with the non-word "covfefe" late last night has not only raised concerns about his mental state, but has set off an overnight storm of worldwide mockery and amusement. Check it out here, here, here, here, etc.

With reports of Rump gaining weight, angry, and "living within himself", his latest incoherent midnight rambling might be a sign of something more serious. Someone needs to read up on Amendment 25 of the Constitution for that.

BONUS: Like we said....


Anonymous said...

I think he is having mini-strokes, i.e. TIAs. This really demands a call for a check up by the fine doctors at Bethesda Naval Hospital... P.E.C.

Hackwhackers said...

That's a real likelihood, P.E.C. His erratic behavior, bullying and nonexistent attention span point to something wrong with his brain. Thanks.