Saturday, May 13, 2017

Trump's Brooding Rage Threatens Us All

Check out this description of the mood inside the White (Supremacist) House after last week's shitstorm after the firing of FBI Director James Comey:
"...(White House) officials described to CNN a sense of dejection within the West Wing ranks, where most aides were caught off guard by Trump's decision and had little ability to develop a cogent response. Even Vice President Mike Pence, who found his public statements again undercut by Trump himself, was "a little rattled" at the events of the week, according to an administration adviser. Through it all, Trump has remained largely out of sight, not leaving the White House once since he returned late Sunday night. He grew increasingly isolated and agitated, associates tell CNN, going a full week without hearing the applause and adulation that often brightens his mood." (emphasis added)
The increasingly agitated sociopath who occupies the Oval Office is one rally away from a mental breakdown, it seems. Sources close to Comey say that he was shocked at Rump's bizarre lie that President Obama had wiretapped his campaign, saying Rump was "'outside the realm of normal' and even 'crazy.'"  We've known all along that his mental and emotional instability made him totally unfit for the Presidency, and it's manifesting itself more each day. It's completely plausible that in some future week, after "going a full week without hearing the applause and adulation," he'll snap and get us into a war.

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