Monday, May 8, 2017

When Rethugs Hide, Make Them Pay, Cont'd.

Rethuglican House members who voted for the execrable TrumpCare tax cut masked as a health care bill are lying about the bill (as Paul Krugman notes), hiding from their their constituents, or both. Ads like the one in the post below will help smoke them out, but they need to be hammered every day, especially when the Congressional Budget Office analysis to be issued this week is expected to demonstrate the underlying mendacity and cruelty behind the legislation.

A survey of House Rethuglicans that voted for the abomination indicates that only 14 out of 217 are holding town hall meetings where their constituents can ask questions or express concerns. According to the item at the link, some Dems are taking the advice of Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney (D-NY) and going into those districts represented by the cowardly Rethugs who voted yes to discuss the legislation's disastrous impact on them. Make them pay with their jobs.

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