Sunday, June 18, 2017

DHS Bid Out For Notorious Milwaukee Sheriff

The "alt-Right's" favorite African-American sheriff, David "Uncle Ruckus" Clarke of Milwaukee, claimed a few weeks ago that he'd been offered a senior position in the Department of Homeland Security, which the DHS subsequently declined to confirm. Now, the showboating wingnut reportedly has withdrawn his nomination from consideration, following accusations of plagiarism and running a third-world style jail in Milwaukee County, which has seen the death of several prisoners and a woman being chained down while giving birth. He's rarely on the job, running around the country speaking to right-wing groups and appearing on the Fux Channel. He's called members of Black Lives Matter "subhuman," and compared them to the KKK.

Clarke, whose poll numbers have been tanking given those scandals and his full-throated and fanatic support of neo-fascist demagogue Donald "Rump" Trump, has little chance of being reelected, with his approval ratings hovering around 30%. He's deceptively run as a nominal Democrat in the past, despite his extreme conservative positions and his support of Rethuglicans statewide and nationally. Fortunately, if he runs at all next year, he'll face strong challenges, including Earnell Lucas, a former police captain and currently Vice President of Major League Baseball. When he's defeated, it'll be good riddance to a very bad character.

(photo: "Uncle Ruckus" Clarke ridin' his horsey in the high chaparral of Milwaukee)

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