Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Let Them Know You Want To Save The Affordable Care Act

If you're reading this post and especially if you live in a state with one or more Republican U.S. Senators, please call or email now to let them know you're on to what their repeal of the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) would do to America:
Senate Republicans began to coalesce around the framework of a plan to repeal and replace the law last week. Their plan would, like the bill the House passed in May, almost certainly cause millions of low-income Americans to lose coverage by ending the Medicaid expansion. It would help the young and healthy at the expense of the older and the sick. 
Meanwhile, across the nation, health insurance plans are beginning to flee the Obamacare marketplace. They’ve cited the uncertainty around the health care law’s future, sown by congressional Republicans and the Trump administration. The number of counties with zero health plans signed up to sell 2018 coverage keeps growing. 
The possibility that Republicans will repeal Obamacare or drive it into collapse is an increasingly real one. That’s a reality where millions fewer have health insurance and lower-income Americans struggle to afford coverage. (our emphasis)
Particularly, if you're in Alaska (Sen. Murkowski), Maine (Sen. Collins), Nevada (Sen. Heller) or Louisiana (Sen. Cassidy), your call/ message could make a difference. As of today, there's been so much oxygen taken up by the Russiagate that Senate Republicans have been flying under the radar in crafting their noxious bill (how could 13 white men operating without hearings or expert testimony possibly go wrong?). Let them know when you vote, you'll be looking at the stand they took on affordable health care.

Here are the contact numbers and email addresses for both Democratic and Republican Senators. Ask your friends to take action, too. Please do your part, because lives are at stake here.

BONUS: Senate Rethuglicans know this is a toxic bill to millions of Americans, so they won't release it to the public. Said one Rethug Senate aide, "We're not stupid." But evil? Yes.

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