Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Senate To Pass Bipartisan Russia Sanctions Bill

The Senate is expected to pass a bill that would make lifting of sanctions against Russia subject to Congressional approval, while adding new sanctions on certain sectors of the Russian economy. Current sanctions were put in place by Executive Order, and this bill would codify those sanctions into law. The bill would target Russian human rights abusers, suppliers of arms to Syria and entities involved in cyberwarfare on behalf of Russia. It would add new sanctions on Russian shipping, railways, mining and metals industries.

The bill is expected to pass the Senate overwhelmingly, before going to the House for a vote. Should Putin loyalist and imitator Donald "Rump" Trump veto the bill, there are believed to be sufficient votes to override a veto. Clearly, the Senate is aware of Rump's surreptitious move days after his inauguration to lift the sanctions on Russia, and wants to short-circuit any further attempts by him.

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