Saturday, June 17, 2017

Quote Of The Day - Li'l Marco Gets Taken For A Ride

They had the best M&Ms on the planet.” -- Sen. Marco "Li'l Marco" Rubio, who accompanied un- indicted co- conspirator Donald "Rump" Trump on Air Force One to Miami where the shitgibbon announced a rollback of some of President Obama's open door policies toward Cuba.  Li'l Marco was recently observed on the Senate Intelligence Committee serving as wingman for Rump in his questioning of former FBI Director James Comey.  Li'l Marco, a media darling who happens to be one of the emptiest suits in Washington with no significant accomplishments, has never set foot in Cuba and has lied about his family's history in coming to America. But, give him a ride on Air Force One and some of its M&Ms and he's a happy gusano.

(Photo: Li'l Marco at Grevior Furniture Store in Franklin, NH)

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