Thursday, June 15, 2017

Trump's Failed Game Of Chicken With Mueller

With the news that Special Counsel Robert Mueller's investigation into Russian manipulation of the 2016 elections has broadened into obstruction of justice and corrupt financial dealings of the associates of demagogue and pathological liar Donald "Rump" Trump, barely concealed panic has enveloped his White (Supremacist) House staff. Knowing Rump's mental volatility, some of the staff are concerned that, despite strong warnings to leave Mueller in place, he' won't. Said one nervous official about Rump's hints that he may fire Mueller, “I’d be insincere if I said it wasn’t a concern that the president would try to do it anyway.”

In particular, the financial crimes aspect of the broadened investigation may be the key to why Rump has been so recklessly protective of his friends here (Michael Flynn in particular) and in Moscow. Money laundering by Russian oligarchs close to Putin may be the link to the Trump Organization that holds the key to understanding why Rump is so solicitous of the Kremlin. Follow the money, remember?

Rump's failed Mueller gambit?
... The president was pleased by the ambiguity of his position on Mr. Mueller, and thinks the possibility of being fired will focus the veteran prosecutor on delivering what the president desires most: a blanket public exoneration.
Yeah, that'd work with Mueller, you delusional dumbass.

The incomparable Charles P. Pierce sums up Rump's dire predicament in an article today:
"[Mueller] isn't some roofing specialist that you can stiff and then drag through the courts until he can't afford the trip any more. He isn't someone you can scare off with your usual gang of billable-hour button men. He isn't some dingy Russian banker who can float you a loan to tide you over. He is honest and respected and relentless, and the only way you're going to get rid of him is to fire him. In a way, the country is daring you to do that, just to see if you have the stones for what comes next, and (possibly) as the last excuse it needs to insist on a new president. Go ahead. Make our day." (emphasis added)
The lengths to which Rump is protecting his Russian ties are an indication of how compromising -- and probably illegal -- those ties are.


Frank Wilhoit said...

So everyone says "follow the money", furiously patting themselves on the back all the while: look how cynical I am, I dare to say the "m" word!

Part of Trump's personal motivation is to conceal the fact that, at least since his first (!) bankruptcy -- and like nearly every real-estate "operator" -- his net worth is negative.

But with respect to Trump's political power, which is the loyalty of his "base", it is not about money and it is a crucial category error to think that it is.

The most important thing to realize about Trump's people is that they want nothing for themselves; all they want is to harm others.

Hackwhackers said...

Frank -- Thank you for your comments. His net worth may be negative, but his "brand" -- shabby as it is -- is at the core of who he is as a narcissist. We're willing to bet that Russian and other foreign money -- laundered or otherwise -- has been propping up his organization/brand, and he dare not offend them or lose his last sugar daddies. Agree with you about Trump's fervent base: the majority are malignant nihilists who delight in seeing other hurt. They won't care about money, Russia or anything else.