Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Dangers for U.S. In Trump's G-20 Trip

Neo-fascist Putin prodigy Donald "Rump" Trump left earlier this morning for the G-20 summit in Hamburg, Germany, with an initial stop in Poland. There are justifiable fears in the national security community and among our worried allies that a freelancing Rump will be snookered by Russian autocrat Vladimir Putin in Rump's meeting mid- year progress review with him on Friday. Underlining the fears are reports that Rump will have no "specific" agenda for the one-on-one meeting. Putin, on the other hand, will bring a thought out agenda of his own for the meeting, including "cooperation" in Syria and against ISIS in return for reduction or elimination of sanctions, including the return of their espionage facilities in Maryland and New York which were closed last December by President Obama. As a former KGB officer, Putin knows Rump's weaknesses that he can exploit, including his weakness for flattery and his pathological narcissism. It's only a matter of how much Rump will be taken in by him.

The first stop in Poland will be sold by the White (Supremacist) House as a show of support to Poland's right-wing leader Jaroslaw Kaczynski, who is bragging about Rump visiting Poland before the summit and who appears to be a tin-pot version of his guest. There will be a rally in Warsaw's Krasinski Square, where Rump will likely bellow his nativist, xenophobic message to bused-in supporters of the right-wing government.

The G-20 summit itself likely won't produce any new agreements on trade or the international economy, and in fact, may be disrupted by a loudmouthed and ignorant Rump in the same way the NATO summit was disrupted by him last May with his public scolding of our allies and refusal to commit to mutual defense. Indeed, before Rump left for Europe, he ignorantly tweeted about "bad" trade deals:

With Rump's attitude going in that he's going to elbow other countries for "better" trade deals, the G-20 summit may only result in a photo op for Rump to show his false, America-first "toughness" for his cult back in America.

BONUS:  Meanwhile, here's Democratic Underground's preview of the Rump/ Putin meeting:

(photo: He wants to look nice for Vladimir.)


DivaNewYork said...

As if he hasn't humiliated us enough, he goes to Poland and publicly attacks CNN! Please end this, Mueller!!

Hackwhackers said...

Diva -- And he's still pretending that Putin didn't manipulate the election, just a day before he meets his benefactor. He'll give Putin what he wants before the new sanctions legislation is passed over his veto.