Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Poll: CNN Trusted Over Trump

In a new Survey Monkey poll, CNN beats demagogue and pathological liar Donald "Rump" Trump by 7 points when it comes to trustworthiness. As expected, 89% of Rethuglicans trust Rump v. CNN, while 91% of Dems and 55% of independents side with CNN. The public also sides with the Washington Post/New York Times (+9%) and ABC/CBS/NBC (+11%) over Rump in trustworthiness.

Some specific findings of the poll are:
--33% of Republicans say they get their news only from Fox. 
--64% of all adults disapprove of Trump's use of Twitter (89% Dems, 38% Republicans). 
--Describing his tweets (all adults): undignified 47%, mean 34%, entertaining 26%, presidential 7%.
That 33% of Rethuglicans that only get their "news" from the Fux Channel approximates his truly hard core cult living in the information bubble of their choosing, although you'd have to acknowledge that hate radio (Alex Jones, Rush Limbaugh, etc.) plays a big part in their delusional view of the world. It leads one to suspect that the remaining 67% are engaged in tribalism and choose to disbelieve facts and the truth, despite being exposed to it on other media outlets. The only broad consensus in the poll is that the vast majority don't find Rump's juvenile, dishonest and often unhinged tweets to be "presidential."

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