Saturday, July 29, 2017

Is Trump Considering An End Run To Stop The Russia Investigation? (UPDATED)

A disturbing scenario is being suggested by the vacancy at the Department of Homeland Security created by moving John Kelly into the White (Supremacist) House Chief of Staff position. It involves the Vacancies Reform Act of 1998 and lateraling evil elf Attorney General Jefferson Beauregard Sesssions III into the now- vacant position of Secretary of Homeland Security:
“The Vacancies Act says that — notwithstanding any kind of other rule, like the regular DOJ succession statute — that the president, and only the president, can appoint an acting head of the Department of Justice to that position as long as that person has been confirmed by the Senate,” Butler explained. “So if there’s another person who works in the federal government whose job requires presidential appointment and then confirmation by the Senate, then that person is entitled to be put in, in this case, as the acting attorney general.”
This article was written just before the move to put Kelly in the Chief of Staff job, and thus envisions Beauregard resigning in order for the dominoes to fall. With the DHS job now vacant, Beauregard could presumably be asked to resign to become the acting DHS Secretary (since he's already been confirmed by the Senate) and another Cabinet official (some gaming out centers on dimbulb Energy Secretary Rick Perry) could be appointed acting Attorney General. Perry or some other Senate- confirmed Rump lickspittle could then fire Special Counsel Robert Mueller. So far, however, Beauregard has resisted calls to resign; another Cabinet position that's in his wheelhouse (immigration and border control) might be enough to dislodge him from Justice.

Rump sees the Mueller investigation as an existential threat. With the appointment of Anthony "The Mooch" Scaramucci as Communications Director and John Kelly as Chief of Staff, as well as his and his family's lawyering up, Rump is signaling that he's preparing for an all- out conflict, the kind of firestorm that would result from the firing of Mueller and attempting to end the investigation into his corrupt and treasonous dealings with Putin's Russia. He'll do anything to stop the investigation in its tracks, banking on Republican cowardice to keep him in office.

As a caveat, there may well be elements of the Act that would preclude this -- we'll leave that to legal eagles. But if the dominoes start falling, what's described above is exactly what's at play.

UPDATE:  Dumbya's former ethics czar throws a little cold water on the possible scheme because... Obstruction of Justice!

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