Thursday, October 26, 2017

The Sewer Of The Religious Right

Ever since bigoted theocrat Jerry "The Fallen" Falwell enlisted the evangelical, so-called "Moral Majority" community for the purpose of furthering the Southern Strategy of the Rethuglican / New Confederate Party, "Christian" evangelicals have been loyal, even rabid, foot soldiers for them. Polling suggests that these "moral" people support narcissistic sexual predator Donald "Rump" Trump by comfortable margins (his approval among evangelicals is 66%). His foul-mouthed, bullying, greed-driven persona has not cooled their ardor in the past two years, even as he demonstrates his clumsy cluelessness (two Corinthians, a little wine and cracker, mistaking the communion plate for the collection plate, etc.).

With church attendance falling, and America becoming more and more secular, some believe it's a bargain they made with the devil to hold on to whatever ground they can (school prayer, anti-choice, right-wing judges, etc.). For the cynical leaders of the evangelical movement, it's not even about religion, it's about political power, influence and, most of all, money -- lots of it. They've used religion as a cover for their political movement, not just to gain power but to fleece their members (religious nut and and conspiracy hound Pat Robertson perfected the talibangelist money-sucking model; also disgraced, lecherous talibangelist Jim Bakker, now selling end- of- times slop on his holy roller show).

As a sign of their devoted fanaticism to Rump, even after Rump's despicable response to the Charlottesville neo-Nazi marchers forced him to disband some "advisory" councils, his evangelical advisory board remained staunchly supportive. Proving that the rotten fruit doesn't fall far from the tree, Jerry Falwell, Jr. initially praised Rump's "bold truthful statement about Charlottesville" in a tweet, followed by loony religious bigot Robert Jeffress' racism-is-on-all-sides defense of Rump. The support is apparently mutual: after Jeffress' musing that Satan created Catholicism, White (Supremacist) House propagandist Sarah "Hucksterbee" Sanders dishonestly pleaded ignorance in a press conference on October 24. Ahh, those sulfurous fumes....

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