Thursday, October 26, 2017

Quote And Vid Of The Day - Voting

What Digby says:
"We could easily suffer a catastrophe or be handed some big news from the office of special counsel Robert Mueller over the next few months. But the best way to sort this all out is at the ballot box. The only way to know whether Trump's election was a historical fluke, or whether a plurality of Americans really want to continue down this dark and dangerous path, is for the voters to make their wishes known. 
"If the nearly 60 percent of Americans who disapprove of President Trump and his movement don't come out to vote after all this, then we probably deserve what we get."
We've got some elections coming up well before the 2018 mid- terms -- especially statewide elections on November 7 in Virginia and New Jersey, and a special election for U.S. Senator on December 12 in Alabama -- that will be dissected for signs of Trump's Republican Party sinking or surviving.

President Obama said it at a rally supporting Lt. Gov. Ralph Northam's gubernatorial bid in Virginia: "You can't sit this one out." That applies to every election, from local to state to national, from now on.  Here's the clip:

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