Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Adultery And Prenups Don't Mix

Many have taken notice of the fact that serial sexual predator and liar Donald "Rump" Trump won't personally challenge adult film star Stormy Daniels' account of their affair in 2006, preferring to let his lawyer / fixer Michael "Roy Cohn" Cohen and spokesliars do that for him. Inside the 2016 Rump campaign's final weeks, the explosion of allegations from multiple women of assault by Rump (along with the confirmatory Access Hollywood tape) had staffers on edge, according to the Daily Beast:
"But in that final month on the trail, there was something else weighing on Trump’s mind, even more than the assault allegations. According to three top campaign officials, speaking to The Daily Beast on the condition of anonymity to discuss private conversations, Trump began pressing senior staffers about the specific dates that the women were alleging that the assaults, affairs, or harassment took place." (emphasis added)
It's noteworthy that the dates were so important to him. The article continues:
"If the date fell within the time period of the early stage of his marriage to Melania Trump—and the birth of their son Barron—Trump would suddenly care more about the story and quiz campaign aides more closely about it. Officials concluded that Trump’s true concern was not so much being accused of sexual harassment as it was, in the words of one aide, about 'pissing off Melania.'” (emphasis added)
There are numerous articles about what would happen if the Rumps divorced, for example here, here, and here. What's not clear yet is whether their prenuptial agreement would be voided in whole or part if one or the other engaged in an adulterous affair, but it's doubtlessly one or the other. When it's proven that he engaged in affairs (with Daniels and Karen McDougal) while married to his wife, in violation of the prenup, Ms. Rump would stand to cash in bigly. That is what  the dates and "pissing off Melania" is all about; he doesn't care about her humiliation, her anger, or her betrayal. He's thinking about their prenuptial agreement stripping him of a lot of money / property if she decides to divorce, which we hope she does at the right time.


donnah said...

While I wish Melania would go after Trump hammer and tongs, I wonder if she isn't concerned about Barron if she proceeded with lawsuits and divorce papers. If Cohen and Co would threaten Stormy, one wonders about his safety and Melania's as well.

She clearly is disgusted by every move Trump makes. I think she will stay in the marriage for self-preservation until Trump is out of office, but make her move as soon as she can. Yet another example of a madman's crumbling life.

Hackwhackers said...

donnah -- She certainly has to think about her son and their safety, given his vindictive nature. While in a divorce settlement, courts tend to side with the mother in terms of custody, no doubt he'd threaten to make their lives miserable for as long as he could.