Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Your Occasional "Don't Despair" Polling

Of course, this won't happen in November unless we stay energized, organize, contribute, and VOTE.


donnah said...

I'm trying to stay positive about a big change in November and I do believe that there will be significant gains for the Democrats. That being said, the Republicans have been messing with voting registrations and gerrymandering for so many years that one election cycle won't get rid of the majority. I hope I'm wrong. I see the Republican rats starting to feel the pressure of public opinion and many are jumping the USS Trump, but I don't want a big letdown if the Republican voters rebel against the Blue Wave just to save face and keep Trump's terrible policies in place.

We have to continue to register voters, support this strong youth movement, and make sure our candidates have our backing as well.

Not to be a Donna Downer, but we have to stay focused because there are no guarantees.

W. Hackwhacker said...

Well said, donnah.