Saturday, April 28, 2018

In Bible-Thumper News Today......

It's no wonder that right-wing Bible-thumpers look the other way for a serial sexual abuser like Donald "Rump" Trump, a.k.a. President P*ssygrabber: it's because so many of them are just like him. Same goes for their unholy embrace of pedophile wingnut and Bible-quoting failed Senate candidate Roy Moore. There's a growing list of evangelical "pastors" who've been disgraced over the years by sex scandals, too.

Police in Lancaster, PA arrested 52 year-old Phillip Smith, a disc jockey for a "Christian" music radio station, on 18 counts ranging from forceable rape to sexual assault of a woman beginning when she was 15 years old. The radio station that employs Smith issued a statement which said, in part:
"At this time we only know what we read in the press. Please join us in praying for all those involved and that truth and justice will prevail."
That librul press, always reporting factually on the misdeeds of white, Christian men, after the county DA's office investigated and authorized his arrest by the police. Also, prayers for all involved, including pedophile Phil. And tune in later for a discussion of the moral decay of America brought on by secular humanists!


k said...

Why aren't we hearing about demented onnie as the predicted anti-christ?
Seducing "christians" into a material world where wealth is a measure of being blessed.
Adultery is to be ignored even though it was in the 10 commandments
Theft by cheating workers is acceptable ( another commandment)
Torture is great again so much for Treat your neighbor as one self.
Tax avoidence has become a virtue so much give unto Caesaer what is caesars.
The list is endless but yet we have not heard the christianist's accuse demented donnie of being the anti christ.

Just goes to show that their "beliefs" are open to perversion on a transactional basis, give us power and we will ignore your lack of morality, their faith is based upon secular awards and their fantasy of magic man in the sky has been exposed as nothing more then a political tool.

Infidel753 said...

PedoPhil will be the main object of their prayers. Every time something like this happens, the fundies focus entirely on the perpetrator's battle for "redemption" and self-declared receipt of God's "forgiveness", with the victims being more or less ignored. That was the story with Josh Duggar and roughly 874,000 child-molesting Catholic priests. In a fake morality based on arbitrary taboos rather than on whether anyone has been harmed, victims are irrelevant.

Look to them to drop this issue as quickly as possible and go back to ranting about the evils of gays and abortion. Meanwhile, given the track record of the last few decades (if not centuries), anyone who leaves a child unsupervised in the hands of a clergyman needs their head examined.

Hackwhackers said...

K -- That's exactly right: like Trump, their beliefs are transactional and fluid.

Hackwhackers said...

Infidel -- That's their whole approach to Trump: he's an imperfect man, but is seeking redemption (when there's zero evidence). They then turn their anger at the victim for "seducing" the perpetrator. They are despicable.