Saturday, May 26, 2018

Portrait Of A Villain - Rep. Pete King

At one time, New York Republican Congresscritter Pete "Nothing Burger" King might have been mistaken for what passes for a "moderate" when compared to his fellow knuckle draggers in the Republican Party, but in fact he's really just your garden variety Republican dolt and bigot.  To wit, he's

--  a fashion expert;

--  an expert on terrorism (especially the Irish kind);

--  an expert on sexual abuse;

-- and a champion of religious tolerance.

Now Nothing Burger has waded into the shallows as far as his intellect allows, into the free speech uproar over the NFL's decision to fine players who kneel during the National Anthem to protest police violence in communities of color.  The acting owner of the New York Jets had broken ranks and declared he would pay any fines for kneeling players on his team, to which Nothing Burger had a predictably sane and reasoned response:

What an arse of a demagogue.

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee has targeted Nothing Burger's seat as vulnerable in the November mid- terms.  Nothing would serve to freshen the air in the House of Representatives more than retiring this ugly gasbag.

(Photo: Nothing Burger's idea of a political fashion statement)


donnah said...

Ha ha, yes, if you look up “ugly gasbag” in the dictionary, it has a picture of King.

I am so very sick of these hate-filled, racist old farts commenting on events that show courage and strength of conviction. They chucked their right to criticize others when they signed up as Republicans. The worst people in the world.

FelineMama said...

RE NFL protests: Google Tim Tebow, taking a knee/abortion.