Monday, May 21, 2018

QOTD - Which Side Are You On?

Charles Pierce:
Clearly, the Republican majorities in the Congress will do nothing about this gathering threat to the constitutional legitimacy of the government as a whole. Therefore, those majorities have to be pushed and threatened to get them to move and, if they still refuse, they have to be replaced by majorities that will protect jealousy both the legislature’s legitimate powers and the general constitutional order. If neither of those courses is followed, then we have said as a self-governing people that we are willing to participate in a farce, a burlesque of constitutional democracy concocted by a passel of avaricious clowns, rather than fight for our right to a political commonwealth based on self-government. 
There is a fight to be had here, and it is better that it be held out in the open, with every honest weapon available—including the current midterm campaign. It is not a time for irresolute appeals for civility and political politesse. Nothing honest is off the table. The American republic is fighting for its life and, as the old song goes, which side are you on?
The time is coming, folks ...


donnah said...

I was heartsick yesterday when I heard that Rosenstein gave up some control in the form of classified information. I have seen interviews with him and he seemed to be a solid, honest, and highly principled leader. I felt he had drawn that proverbial line in the sand that he would refuse to cross, but it looks like he got out-muscled by the thugs for Trump. I know he had no breathing room on Trump's orders, but it still crushed me.

I don't think it's hyperbole to say that we are reaching critical mass. There is a point where the Constitution breaks, and it feels like we are on the brink. I despise this president with every fiber of my being, and the loathesome Republicans who support and abet him. It's frustrating to watch this train wreck take place and be unable to do anything to stop it.

I'm terrified.

W. Hackwhacker said...

donnah - the absolute best spin that you could put on Rosenstein's action is that he's playing for time by shuffling the "investigation" over to the DOJ IG. We'll see how he handles the meeting with Kelly and the Congressional leakers who are desperate to get intel on what Mueller knows. Either way, we can only hope Mueller has his ducks in line already.

You and we are in the majority in this country. Somehow, someway we have to believe the rule of law will prevail. But there's no doubt there's potentially great danger ahead. Hang in there!

donnah said...

I know that we cannot surrender. I know that the democracy of the US has withstood many attacks. For this I am comforted.

But this party and this president don't play by the rules. They make things up as they go and they ignore protocol and the rule of law, not to mention totally obliterating common decency and morals. So I am still concerned because they will do everything in their power as a majority and bellicose bullies to simply run over us. There are still gerrymandered districts and billions of dollars being dumped into their upcoming campaigns. Will we, as a grassroots block of voters, be able to outmaneuver them? They are not going to just step aside and decide not to vote.

And November is a long way off, in terms of political upheaval. I want to be sure we're going to come out on top, but I'm not. I'm just going on the power of our convictions that the bad guys get taken down and the good guys can start to rebuild the country.