Sunday, May 20, 2018

Trump Wants DOJ To Undermine Mueller Investigation [UPDATED]

A clearly unhinged and raging Donald "Rump" Trump, displaying increasing signs of "consciousness of guilt," issued a "demand" to the Justice Department this afternoon to "investigate" whether his corrupt campaign was "infiltrated" by the DOJ/FBI, i.e. investigate the investigation:

This is beyond Nixonian, who was devious enough to get others to do his dirty work. This is banana republic territory. What apparently set him off was the story in the New York Times that linked his con-man son, Donald Jr., to meetings with the Saudis and Emirates, who offered to "help" his campaign.

The counterintelligence investigation that began during the 2016 campaign is getting closer to Rump himself. He's reached a level of desperation to stop it at all costs, including this latest attempt at obstruction of justice.

UPDATE: DOJ has asked its Inspector General to add this matter to their ongoing investigation regarding FISA warrants aimed at Rump campaign associates.


donnah said...

It's outrageous. It's an abuse of power and obstruction of justice. But I'll bet dollars I don't have that no Republican will step up to pull the reins on him. Jeff Sessions? ha ha. Paul Ryan? Pffft. No one wants to tell Trump “no”.

It worries me on a million levels, but it looks like Trump's hamhanded attempt to bully Wray and then Rosenstein and Mueller. Trump is frustrated and angry that everyone keeps digging in his sandpile and he has to be feeling the heat of the ongoing investigations. There are bodies buried in that sandpile and he can't hide them forever. But he's going to keep trying, busting the limits of usual legal limits, and destroying our security on multiple levels.

I hate that he's doing it, and I hate even more that no one is stopping him.

Hackwhackers said...

donnah -- This is a massive indictment of the cowardice and complicity of the Rethuglican "establishment" in Trump's corruption and attack on the rule of law. I hope the DOJ IG drags it out, but when they do issue a finding, that it clearly says this was all about the FBI trying to counter a hostile foreign power's attack, that was aided by Trump's campaign (and probably him). Period.

donnah said...

From your keyboard to FSM's noodley appendages!

winifredatwell said...

We have moved so far beyond the merely outrageous with this far right vulgarian that this story has barely resonated in countries such as Australia. The constitutionally explicit separation of powers is being dirextly challenge by an arbitrary tweet, yet it barely raises a twitch in the supposed staunchest defenders of tradition, those blackletter literalists on the hars right. The Republican Party's conscience has now been completely captured by the Trump movement. The only naysayers with the slightest guts are either dying (McCain) irrelevant (civilised conservatives in the commentariat like Brookes) or leaving politics.
It is tired old political boilerplate for campaigns to claim that the coming election is the most important one in a generation,with a literally history defining choice about to be made by the American voter.
For once, the coming mid term elections are all that and more. Never forget that without a Democrat controlled congress in 1973 -74 finally exposing the high crimes and misdemeanours of the Nixon white house, Richard Milhouse Nixon would have served out his term and President Agnew elwcted in 1976.
I await November's midterm verdict with
grave anxiety that the unthinkable might happen and the Republicans, now a wholly owned product of Trump Inc, will retain congress.