Friday, July 27, 2018

Tweet Of The Day: A Trump Mistress Pregnancy?

That Michael Avenatti has three more Trump mistresses under his wing is not unsual, but the pregnancy angle is. We and others have written about the suspicious story of Rethuglican mega donor and large potato sack Elliott Broidy, who allegedly had an affair with Playboy model Shera Bechard and impregnated her. Interestingly, Broidy used Trump fixer Michael Cohen as the fixer/paymaster for an abortion and her silence, although Avenatti's hint might mean a break in that story, potentially implicating Trump in Bechard's pregnancy and abortion. A Trump-financed abortion may send some wingnut "evangelicals" reaching for their Bibles, but don't hold your breath with those perverse hypocrites. Stay tuned.


Anonymous said...

I think attacking Trump on all fronts is a good way to shake him up, but the whole infidelity angle, even with payment for an abortion, won't make anyone waver in his support. Evangelicals have already compromised their eternal souls and were more than happy to do so, in their fervent hopes that Trump would give them a Supreme to take down Roe v Wade. They will overlook anything he does.

But couple the allegations and hopefully the proof that financially Trump compromised his campaign money and it makes one more straw to toss onto the camel's back. We have to break him however we can.

Hackwhackers said...

Anon. -- Exactly, and the more he's thrown off-message, the better. As you say, it won't matter to his cultish base, but every additional straw will help to sink him.

donnah said...

We have to ignore his hardcore followers. They have been conditioned by him: “Fake news! Don't believe what you hear or read!” to disbelieve any factual evidence produced by legitimate sources. Any actual proof will be dismissed out of hand as conspiratorial or faked by the Libs or Hillary or whomever their given boogeyman du jour might be.

I wish the press would stop interviewing his base. Let's hear from the rest of us, who recognize him for what he is: a lying, cheating, hate-filled bully, and let us explain why we don't trust him or support him. Let us say what we think of the Republican's ruining of our democracy, of their dismissal of our allies and friends worldwide, and how we see right through their blatant robbery of middle American.

Let us say how we hate Trump cozying up to Putin and how his tariffs will kill our trade. Let's talk about health care and immigration and taxes. Let's talk with our votes in November and tell them what we really think.

Hackwhackers said...

donnah -- Very well said, thank you! We seem to recall that when Obama was President, many in the press interviewed Tea Party types to the exclusion of his supporters. Enough of hearing from the same bigoted, ignorant people year after year.