Thursday, May 24, 2018

The Mistress, The Money And The Abortion

It's to be expected that the audience Tuesday night at the anti-choice Susan B. Anthony's List gala would greet amoral demagogue and sexual abuser Donald "Rump" Trump as a conquering hero, as he promised to apply new restrictions on abortion services and to appoint more anti-choice judges. The radicals in attendance pay no thought to having a degenerate con man like Rump as their champion, as long as he delivers on their reactionary anti-choice crusade.

Wouldn't it be poetic justice if the developing story of Rump's hush payments to various adult film actresses / Playmates etc. involved something that these smug hypocrites abhor? Coming to light as part of the investigations into Rump fixer Michael Cohen's hush payments is the strange connection between Rethuglican mega donor Elliott Broidy, a Playmate that had an affair and an abortion, and significant Middle Eastern money. We first took note of Broidy in April, around the time he showed up on Cohen's short list of "clients" and when his shady business dealings were being exposed. As we noted yesterday, due to the excellent reporting of New York Magazine's Paul Campos, there's mounting reason to believe that Broidy was covering for Rump, who allegedly fathered the child, in exchange for a $600 million contract for his company from the United Arab Emirates brokered by his business partner, and convicted pedophile, George Nader. Nader is reportedly cooperating with Special Counsel Mueller's investigation. Kevin Drum at Mother Jones adds his view that Broidy did take the fall for Rump in exchange for help with lucrative contracts:
"It always seemed odd that Broidy had paid Shera Bechard $1.6 million for her silence, considering that an affair with a guy like Broidy was hardly front-page news. However, an affair with Trump would be front-page news, and this was right in the middle of Broidy’s big campaign to get Trump to help him out with the Qatar business. What better way to ingratiate yourself with Trump than to offer to cover this up for him? [snip]
But by last November Broidy could practically smell his deals finally coming together. There was the $600 million deal with the UAE plus another deal worth $1 billion that he was pitching to Saudi Arabia. If he thought that taking a fall for Trump could be the final brick that would bring this all together, why wouldn’t he do it? The money was chicken feed by comparison, and maybe he told his wife all about it and she didn’t care. The whole thing finally makes sense."
This story has all of the elements of Trumpian behavior and corruption: the hypocrisy on abortion, the shady foreign money, the pay-to-play schemes, the relentless dishonesty. This story will continue to unfold; stay tuned.


Anonymous said...

It won't matter how many abortions he has paid for his ilk will stick by him. I've already read the xians consider him to be a "baby xian." You know that means he's forgiven of ALL of his previous "sins."
The only thing this prick could do to turn his base away is gun control.
I hate them all.

Infidel753 said...

So let me get this straight. The President who paid off a porno movie actress to keep quiet about him shagging her right after his wife had a baby also knocked up a Playboy bunny, paid her to get an abortion, and got a child molester to bribe somebody else to take the fall for it?

And this is just what we know about so far. The party of traditional moral values! Is that swamp drained yet?

Hackwhackers said...

Anon -- Sad, but true. They have no shame.

Infidel -- The upside is that they're doing this in full view, and history will record their disgusting actions. They'll never be able to bludgeon progressives with their false moral tone (not to mention patriotism) again.