Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Tweets Of The Day: Is It Over? Did We Win?

So much hilarity on Twitter today over the warning by ultra- right wing garbage troll Alex Jones that "the Democrats" would be starting a Second Civil War today (not linking to his tweet!). There are literally thousands of wonderful tweets written in the style of a Ken Burns Civil War combatant's letter home, enough to keep you laughing the rest of the day (the hashtag #secondcivilwarletters has been trending on Twitter all day), but here's just a small sample to whet your appetite:

And, finally,

BONUS:  Victory may be ours because the dimbulb Red Hats have been distracted and are busy assailing National Public Radio for tweeting out... the Declaration of Independence line by line


donnah said...

Anything that mocks Alex Jones is an automatic WIN, but these are hilarious. My favorites are the ones using Hillarie's emails as walls since Republicans can't get over them. Things like this Twitter deluge proves to me that Dems are by far smarter and have a better sense of humor than any Republicans.

Carry on, tweety troops! It's awesome!

W. Hackwhacker said...

donnah - there must be thousands of these at the hashtag, so it was hard to just cull out a few. Having Alex Jones and his followers opposing us is confirmation that we're on the side of sanity.

donnah said...

Oh, you chose great ones! It gave me something to smile about for a change!

Thanks, and happy Fourth!