Tuesday, August 28, 2018

AZ Rethugs Go To Polls Today

With the passing Saturday of Arizona Sen. John McCain dominating the political news, today Rethuglicans in that state vote in their primary to choose a candidate to replace McCain's colleague, retiring Sen. Jeff Flake. Their choice is between three candidates who are trying to be the truest Trumpist, although Rep. Martha McSally is backed by the so-called Rethuglican "establishment" over two more radical wingnuts, vicious McCain-bashing Kelli "Smelly" Ward and convicted felon and racist "Blow" Joe Arpaio. Some choice.

In recent years, Arizona Rethuglicans have lurched ever farther to the right fringe, electing crazies like former Gov. Jan "Witches" Brewer and far-right former Congresscritters like disgraced Rep. Trent Franks and homophobe bigot Rep. J.D. Hayworth. But while their radical party has crystalized into an overwhelmingly pure demographic of aging white folks and alt-right fanatics, the increasing diversity of the state may move it slowly toward a "purple" state, where candidates need to not only hold their base, but appeal to whatever "independents" they can in the general elections. We saw where "Blow" Joe Arpaio wore out his welcome in Maricopa County after years of being the "sheriff for life." There won't be a sudden turn around in Arizona politics, but the demographic tide is slowly rising there against the far-right.

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