Friday, December 28, 2018

QOTD And New Year's Resolution

David Rothkopf lists the many disqualifying, damaging and damning wrongs perpetrated by Individual 1 and concludes:
"It is easy to grow numb to this. It is possible to become distracted by rage. But remembering what is at stake, we must focus on undoing this great wrong that took place in 2016 and seeking justice for the crimes that contributed to that and have unfolded since. 
Imagine what Washington or Lincoln would say were they to see this. Worse still, imagine what our grandchildren and generations to come will say. This is the history we bequeath to them. Let it in the end be an affirmation of our institutions and our ability to repel danger. 
Let it in the end be worthy of the best of the legacy that came before. We're an imperfect society, but we should not elevate the worst among us as we have done with this man Trump and the corrupt crowd of enablers surrounding him."
We're the majority in this country. We'll see to it that Individual 1 and as many of his ugly tribe as possible are gone, sooner rather than later.  Let's all resolve to see it through to the end of this miserable time in the life of our country, and that the dark forces he's unleashed are driven back so that a better, brighter future can emerge.


donnah said...

Sometimes for me, it's not the huge, obvious things that Trump does. It's things like his biased, classless, clueless statements about everything. It's him insulting members of Congress or calling Maxine Walters “low IQ” or saying we've been chumps for about our military or him turning a visit to the troops into an ego trip.

None of us can imagine Obama or Bush or any president saying the things he says. It's spectacularly wrong, un-professional, immoral. And he goes on, unchecked, unchallenged, unpunished for these terrible words.

So yeah, we have got to take some control in the coming year. We need for Mueller to release the indictments and the facts and hope that something good comes from all of this rotten year.

W. Hackwhacker said...

donnah - you have to believe we'll get back to norms that Trump has violated, but only after he's been completely vanquished along with as many of his sycophants as we can manage.